Announcing JV Darkroom 2.0!

Hey everyone!

    First, I’d just like to take a second to say thank you for all of the support & love you all give to my work! It would be nice if making art were always fun & games, but it can be challenging and requires a lot of time and energy, dedication, and pure inspiration. Things as simple as finding the energy to sit down and art are harder to come by when you have a rambunctious, teething 6 month old trying his hardest to chase the disgruntled cat around the house. Having so much support from my extraordinary husband, friends, and the art-community really goes a long way – so THANK YOU!!

I’ve been overhauling my website front-to-back for a week now, and I’m excited to announce that it has finally gotten to a place that I am happy with! I’m calling it JVDarkroom 2.0!

A few new things include: this Blog, a more organized back end & landing page, an updated Gallery of all of my work, a Bitcoin & Dash Donation page, an updated About page, and more information on Cliché Verre.

Take a look around, I hope you like what you see!

You guys can find me on Instagram @JV.Darkroom


& As always,

Spiral Out

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